Credentialling Committee
  • The Credentialing Committee, chaired by David Horwood, oversees the policies and program development of association-based certification programs including the Certified Rental Building Program and FRPO’s investments in continuing education initiatives. The Credentialing Committee has the CRB’s Certification and Governance committees as sub-committees under the Credentialing Committee umbrella.
CRB Certification Committee
  • The focus of the Committee’s efforts is to strengthen the program’s risk management practices, continuously improve on the program’s Standards of Practice, and to continue to build awareness with Ontario landlords and rental housing consumers. A new Random Audit program was introduced and 53 successful random audits were conducted over the year. Two new Standards of Practice were introduced and seven current ones were upgraded to reflect increased requirements. Five public launches of the program and 14 member-only launches were conducted garnering excellent media coverage and profile for the CRB program and the respective members.
CRB Governance Committee
  • The past year was a busy one, as members reviewed and gave their final approval to over 400 buildings to receive official “certification” status. In addition, the committee reviewed 51 tenant inquiries and the action taken by participating members to ensure that stakeholder interests were being properly maintained and upheld. The committee also provided valued input on the audit reporting process and the development of the new Random Audit Program.
Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee, chaired by Bill Zigomanis, is responsible for managing activity and providing strategic direction at FRPO between Board of Directors meetings. Members have continued to make key policy decisions regarding financial statements and to monitor the activities of FRPO committees.
Finance & Audit Committee
  • The Finance & Audit Committee, chaired by Paul Chisholm, directs FRPO’s financial management. Continuing to uphold strong financial accountability for FRPO, the Committee meets regularly and privately with the accountants, the Board of Directors and with FRPO management, to review accounting, auditing, internal controls and financial reporting matters. FRPO’s annual audit is based on an examination conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, and includes a review of the internal control structure, as well as tests of accounting procedures and records.
Government Relations Committee
  • The Government Relations Committee, chaired by Ken Kirsch, develops overall strategies for achieving government relations progress on key industry issues. The committee developed critical input on FRPO’s plan to publicly address challenges related to the newly implemented harmonized sales tax (HST), the eviction process and rent control. The committee works to ensure our industry’s message is being properly and effectively conveyed to government, the media and the public.
Legislation & Adjudication Committee
  • The Legislation & Adjudication Committee, chaired by Allan Weinbaum, proactively monitors and responds to legislative issues that impact our industry beyond the scope of residential tenancy legislation. Key issues addressed by this committee include those related to labour law and workplace safety, real estate transaction law, fire and building code regulations, crime and security and the legal liability of landlords, and responding to any provincial private members’ bills that impact the rental housing sector.
Membership and Member Services
  • The Membership and Member Services Committee, chaired by Patti-Jo McClellan Shaw, pursues and develops additional member programs and services to help property owners and managers improve their buildings and businesses. Overall, these benefits included an ongoing program of education seminars, social events, and membership information sessions. Especially successful were the 2010 FRPO Golf Classic, which raised over $26,000 for the Interval House shelter, and the Annual Awards Gala, which last year attracted a record number of award nominations and attendees. Over 2010 the committee helped FRPO deliver a series of education seminars on social, bed bug prevention, energy efficiency, debt collection and FRPO’s first Investment Forum.
The Nominating & Governance Committee
  • The Nominating & Governance Committee is responsible for qualifying and recommending new individuals to serve on committees and/or the Board of Directors. It is also charged with the review and evaluation of changes to the organization’s by laws, administrative and management policies, and general governance oversight as a committee of the board.
Public Relations Committee
  • FRPO’s Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy for improving and enhancing the overall image of FRPO as an industry association, promoting the positive aspects of Ontario’s private rental housing sector and building credibility and strength of the industry and our members. This year the committee developed and launched a post-secondary scholarship (the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario Scholarship) in partnership with Humber College.
Regional Association Advisory Group
  • The Regional Associations Committee meets regularly to exchange information from the various regions of the province. As a province-wide organization, FRPO is committed to providing up-to-date information to local members across Ontario on the priorities and activities of our association. In addition, the Regional Committee creates an open forum for associations to provide the Committee with feedback and updates at a local level. The information exchange through the Committee assists FRPO in developing policy positions and responses to issues as they arise throughout the year. The meetings also provide opportunities for local associations to offer advice, support and assistance to one another in addressing common concerns and challenges in the industry.