Reports and Submissions


Sep 13, 2017
Review of Ontario’s Land Use Planning & Appeals Process
The province must provide clear direction to municipalities to ensure an adequate supply of land for housing. This means removing restrictive zoning, and eliminating the damaging effects of localized community opposition as early as possible in the planning process.

Cover from FRPO_KPMG report

Jun 22, 2017
FRPO Submission on Bill 19 – Changes to the Rent Increase Guideline
Ontario’s rent control policies already cap rent increases at very low levels – for example the record low rent control guideline of 0.7% in 2011. According to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the average annual increase from 2004-2011 was only 1.89%. Clearly, Ontario tenants have not experienced unreasonable rent increases. There is no evidence from the recent history of rent increases that Bill 19’s arbitrary cap of 2.5% is necessary.


Apr 12, 2017
Apartment Living is Green
This report provides evidence that apartments should be at the core of any environmental sustainability strategy. By almost every measure, apartment dwellers surpass residents in low-rise homes in contributing to a cleaner environment.