The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is the largest association in Ontario representing those who own, manage, build and finance residential rental properties and their industry partners. FRPO works on behalf of members to promote a balanced and healthy housing market with a vital rental-housing industry.

Over 2,200 professionals who own or manage more than 350,000 rental homes in every part of Ontario are members of FRPO, as are our industry partners, including service providers, suppliers and industry consultants. Whether you manage one small building or a single rental unit, or are part of the province’s largest property management firms, FRPO will help you.

Exclusive member benefits include:

Free Legal Information
Credit Check Discounts
Appliance Discount Replacement Program
Forms and Leases


What Our Members say:

“The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario is not a luxury; it is a necessity. FRPO has saved the industry countless dollars since 1985, and we gladly supported them in good economic times and bad.”
Fred Dobbin, Park Property Management Inc., Toronto, ON

“This is my first year I have been a member with FRPO, and it’s the best thing I ever did! I want others to know about FRPO as it has helped me tremendously! I find there have been times when I am working through a certain issue in property management, and the next thing I know, FRPO is holding an educational seminar on the same subject. I find FRPO keeps up with the current issues involved in property management and passes that knowledge on to their members.”
Sharon Crowe, Sunkist Homes Inc.

“As a member supplier of FRPO since our launch in 2010, we have found tremendous success and introductions to member Landlords that has helped’s growth in all aspects of our services.”
Chaim Rivlin,

“The [FRPO Appliance Replacement Program] prices are amazing. I am probably one of FRPO smallest members (5 apts plus my own place), but I count over 30 appliances. The savings in the long run will pay for my FRPO membership many times over.”
AJO, Toronto – Hamilton Landlord

“Every landlord should support FRPO as a matter of course – for his own good and the good of the industry. And the benefit programs make it painless. Last year we paid $3,514 in fees to FRPO – and earned $25,810 on their gas plan! This year, the fees have even been reduced.”
Clark McDaniel, Williams & McDaniel, Guelph, ON

“I don’t know how any individual landlord survives without belonging to FRPO. The information they provide is absolutely essential to running my business.”
Steve Manders, Harrowsmith, Kingston, ON