FRPO Announces Success of its 2015 Rental Housing Industry Reception at Queen’s Park



April 1, 2015 – The Federation of Rental-Providers of Ontario (FRPO) thanks Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and its members for attending its Rental Housing Industry Reception at Queen’s Park on March 31st.

FRPO’s 2015 MPP Reception at Queen’s Park was a productive and effective event, facilitating a discussion opportunity between members of FRPO with MPPs and policy staff from all three major parties.

MPP’s in attendance included: The Hon. Ted McMeekin (Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing); Ernie Hardman (PC Housing Critic); Percy Hatfield (NDP Housing Critic); Catherine Fife MPP (Kitchener-Waterloo); Lisa Macleod MPP (Nepean-Carleton); Tim Hudak MPP (Niagara West Glanbrook); Michael Mantha MPP (Algoma-Manitoulin); Cindy Forster MPP (Welland); Monique Taylor, MPP (Hamilton Mountain): Mike Colle MPP (Eglinton-Lawrence). Many other MPPs and political staff also visited FRPO’s Queen’s Park reception.

FRPO was also pleased to be joined by guests from Interval House, Canada’s first shelter for women fleeing violence. The province has recently launched a new strategy for reducing sexual violence, which includes amending the Residential Tenancies Act to allow victims of domestic violence to get out of their lease quickly.

In speaking to FRPO members at the reception, Minister McMeekin stated that the government has several shared interests with FRPO and its members, and that the province recognizes that rental housing builds stronger communities. He also confirmed that in order to improve housing affordability, the government needs to engage the private sector.

PC Housing Critic Ernie Hardeman commended the rental housing industry for its economic contribution to Ontario, which generates $7 billion in tax revenue and 146,000 jobs. NDP Housing Critic Percy Hatfield added that more needs to be done to encourage developers to build more affordable rental housing.

FRPO’s annual Queen’s Park reception is an important event for building vital relationships and dialogue with elected officials and staff in the Ontario government. During the day, FRPO held in-depth policy meetings with the Premier’s Office, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and PC Housing Critic Ernie Hardeman MPP (Oxford).

About FRPO

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is the province’s leading advocate for quality rental housing. FRPO represents over 2,200 rental housing providers who supply and manage homes for over 350,000 tenant households across Ontario.